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PD-Nodes is a collection of nodes designed for Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer. It will grow over time and give developers a platform and users the possibilty to download and use new interesting nodes.

IMP Nodes CollectionCollection of the IMP Nodes for PD 2.1

PhosphoRS enables automated and confident localization of phosphorylation sites within validated peptide sequences and can be applied to all commonly used fragmentation techniques (CID, ETD and HCD)

PtmRS is the successor of PhoshoRS

Peakjuggler Label-free quantification for Discoverer

MS2 Spectrum ProcessorDeisotoping of isotopic clusters and charge deconvolution

MS Amanda & ElutatorA high-speed identification and scoring system for peptides out of tandem mass spectrometry data using a database of known proteins and a tool to validate identified PSMs. Especially designed for high resolution and high accuracy tandem mass spectra.

IMP HyperplexA node for quantification using TMTc cluster ("complementary" TMT reporters) ions.

Post-Search Calibrator Node

Spectrum merger Node and Standalone version

Spectrum filter Node