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MS2 Spectrum Processor, v. 0.9

This software has been developed to be used with the Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer software, versions 1.3.x, 1.4.x and 2.1.x. It adds a new node that can be incorporated into the workflow allowing the execution of the following two MS2-spectrum preprocessing steps:


Simply include the MS2 – Sepctrum Processor node into a workflow, preceded by a Spectrum Source (e.g. Spectrum Selector or another spectrum manipulation node) and followed by the search node, or another spectrum manipulation node.

Workflow example


We analysed the performance of the MS2-Spectrum Processor node for two HCD HeLa samples (both 1 μg) which were run on a QExactive and a Velos Orbitrap.
The following chart shows a comparison in the obtained results regarding the Peptide Spectrum Matches (PSMs) and the Peptide Identifications at 1% FDR.

Performance Chart

The resulting .msf-files generated by Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer can be downloaded here:

In the following table the corresponding filter settings that were used in Proteome Discoverer to achieve the 1% FDR for PSMs, as well as Peptide Identifications are listed:

QEx, no Preprocessing QEx, with Deisotoping and Deconvolution Velos, no Preprocessing Velos, with Deisotoping and Deconvolution
PSMs Peptide Identifications PSMs Peptide Identifications PSMs Peptide Identifications PSMs Peptide Identifications
Lowest Peptide Length 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
Search Engine Rank 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Peptide Score (Mascot) 5.83 8 5.44 7.67 3.95 7.5 4.09 7.3

Download and installation

For Proteome Discoverer 2.1 use the installer found here